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Atemio Multiswitch 5/8 Premium Line

Atemio Multiswitch 5/8 Premium Line
Atemio Multiswitch 5/8 Premium Line

Atemio Multiswitch 5/8 Premium Line

Atemio 5in / 8 out standalone distribution systems. This multi-switch is suitable for the distribution of 4 SAT-IF levels including active terrestrial for up to 8 subscribers.

The Atemio Premium Line has been developed for the demanding user. These products have an active terrestrial entrance and have a 2 year warranty.

Essential features of the premium line

Two years warranty

Extended temperature range

Stand-alone multiswitch with active terrestrial input

Compatible with Quad and Quattro LNBs

All switches and multiswitches for more than one satellite are compatible with DiSEqC 2.0 or lower versions

12V DC supply for the terrestrial preamplifier

Integrated power supply

Technical specifications:

Model name: Atevio MS 5/8 Premium Line

Construction: 5 inputs / 8 subscriber outputs

Reception: 1 satellite, 1 terrestrial antenna

Terrestrial Active (Enhancement): Yes

Sat area Active (amplification): Yes

Digital-Ready (DVB-S): Yes

HDTV-compatible (DVB-S2): Yes

Twin-LNB compatible: No

Quad-LNB compatible: Yes

Can be used as a cascade closure part: Yes

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  • Model: Atemio MS 5/8 Premium Line
  • Weight: 1.10kg
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