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Atemio Nemesis

Atemio Nemesis
Atemio Nemesis
Atemio Nemesis
Atemio Nemesis
Atemio Nemesis
Atemio Nemesis
Atemio Nemesis

Atemio Nemesis

The Atemio Nemesis multimedia set -top box for digital reception of HD television and radio programs leaves no wish unfulfilled.
It combines modern design with the latest technology for the perfect home entertainment experience.

Thanks to the powerful dual Core (2x 1300 MHz) processor this set top box works very fast. The factory installed operating systems E2 offers an impressive range of innovative plugins that can be downloaded for free. The NEMESIS is also supporting the Linux OS TitanNit.

Other highlights include two smartcard readers , two CI slots , 3 tuner slots (Plug & Play) , the large OLED display , Gigabit LAN and WLAN interface, HDMI input and output, as well as 3 USB ports.
Connect your mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets or smartphones with the Nemesis Box and enjoy HD  thanks to the transcoding function on all mobile devices. Furthermore, the integrated Gigabit and Wireless LAN interface are easily connectable to the LAN / WLAN network. The two Common Interface (CI) slots, as well as  the two integrated Conax smartcard readers enable access to encrypted Pay-TV programs .

The integrated media player and the easy connection of external devices (hard disk, USB flash drive, NAS) allow you to view and play  MP3 files, photos, videos and more.

Main Features:

• Linux Operating System E2 or TitanNit
• Fast booting
• Quick switching between channels
• Time shifting, recording and playback with built-in hard drive (SATA) / External storage devices (NAS, e-SATA or USB 2.0)
• Various menu interfaces (skins) including customization options
• Many options to customize the system to your needs
• Backup / Restore function
• Clear Channel list of favorites and display of the following program
• Plugin management
• Support of many media formats
• Large selection of plugins
• PC programs to convert and change the channel list
• Screen saver in radio mode
• Remote control buttons can be freely assigned
• Online updating of the firmware
• Web Interface: Navigation and streaming of AV data (including live TV) on PC and Notebook
• App: control and streaming AV data (including live TV) on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets
• Blind Scan function
• IPTV ready (as client and server)
• IP Streaming
• Different E2 Images installable
• Unlimited channel lists for TV / Radio
• Support of Bouquet lists
• EPG (electronic program guide) support
• Transcoding for mobile devices *
• Airplay function *
• And much more ....

* This function is currently only available for E2.

Technical Features:

• Digital Full HD 1080p Triple Linux Receiver
• BCM7424 Dual Core 2x 1300 MHz MIPS Processor
• 3 tuner slots for DVB-S2 and / or DVB-C/T2 (Plug & Play)
• Flash 2 GB
• RAM 2 GB
• OLED display
• 2x Conax7 card reader
• 2x Common Interface
• Gigabit Lan (10/100/1000 MBit compatible interface)
• HDMI input
• HDMI 1.4a output
• Integrated WIFI 2.4 Ghz interface
• Integrated Bluetooth interface
• YUV component output
• 3x USB (1xVorder, 2x rear)
• PVR ready via USB, NAS, SATA internally and externally
• RS 232
• SPDIF output
• 4G LTE capable via USB
• Power switch

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  • Stock: Descontinued
  • Model: Nemesis
  • Weight: 2.00kg
  • Dimensions: 320.00mm x 216.00mm x 58.00mm