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Cas Interface 3 Plus USB

Cas Interface 3 Plus USB
Cas Interface 3 Plus USB

Cas Interface 3 Plus USB

The only and unique CAM and Smartcard Programmer.

Yet again Duolabs strike back with another ground breaking device. The Cas Interface 3 (discontinued) and Cas Interface 3 Plus (from 2006).

In a single product, the CAS Interface 3, combines all the superb features of the CAS Interface 2, its Add-On Board plus many additional options.

This new release offers very advanced technical features. Unlike the CAS Interface 2, the CAS Interface 3 can fully manage PCMCIA connectors and easily connect external additional modules.

However, the most interesting feature is the possibility of being able to emulate the PCMCIA port of a Common Interface (EN50221) receiver and thus use a Cam directly as if it were inserted in a receiver.

Consequently the CAS Interface 3 can also be used by professionals to test a CAM (Conditional Access Module) without inserting it in a receiver.

CAS Interface 3 also enables users to manage and program several types of SmartCard, which includes both current ones and those yet to be developed.

Therefore the CAS Interface 3 can be regarded as a multifunction programmer suitable for the management of J-Tag, ISP, I2C, etc., through a USB port.

All features are explained in the User Manual available to download from our duolabs site.

Technical Information

The main features of this great device are as:

  • RS-232 Serial Connection
  • 20 Pin External Connector
  • Internal Clock Speed 48Mhz
  • No need for external power supply<