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Brand: Climax Model: DIO-52-B
With a digital input (DI) and a digital output (DO) connecting to wired devices, DIO-52 serves as a bridge of reliability and fast communication between a security system and wired devices.Climax DIO-52 turns the device connected to its DI point into the trigger of events, and its DO point into the ..
Brand: Climax Model: POVS-1-700ZW
Climax Vesta POVS-1-700ZW is designed to be a Z-Wave PIR Occupancy Vacancy Sensor. When being integrated into a system, the lights can be automatically turned ON while it detects the presence of a person, and automatically turned OFF if no presence is detected for a specific amount of time, providin..
Brand: Climax Model: PRM2-ZW-OTA
Its small and compact profile provides the flexibility to be installed in flush mounted junction boxes, power sockets, or in the ceiling wall. PRM2-ZW also doubles as a Z-Wave repeater to further extend user’s wireless communication range.PRM2-ZW’s built-in power meter measure electricity consumptio..
Brand: Climax Model: TMST-15ZW-OTA
The Thermostat can be operated manually by using the LCD screen and buttons or accessed remotely via Z-Wave network. It features temperature setpoints and automatic schedules for users to control their home environments easily. It is also able to control remote relay via the Control Panel when Remot..
Brand: Climax Model: WLS-23-S-F1
Climax Vesta-026 WLS-23 Water Leakage Sensor detects leaks and floods to prevent water damage.Wireless water leakage sensor with powerful functions, the WLS-23 Series is designed to make your family more comfortable and prevent against serious water damage that can cause stressful and expensive home..
Brand: Climax Model: UPIC5-ZW-OTA
An ideal solution for easy control of air conditioner and Audio/Video devices, including TV, stereos, home theater systems, digital media hubs, gaming consoles, DVD players...etc. The UPIC-5ZW enables the user to operate the devices, through a home automation or security system, from anywhere withou..
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