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Coaxial cables are a type of electrical cables typically used for the transmission of high-frequency signals, such as those used in television and cable television system

Brand: Daxis Model: ED0361
Daxis micro coaxial shielding cable with a diameter of 3,8mm.Technical specifications:Inner conductor: CopperDiameter: 0.51 mm +/- 0.01 mmIsolation: PEDiameter Dielectric: 2.20 mmcover sheet: AluminumMesh: Aluminum Wire 48Percentage of cover: 80%Coating: PVCExternal diameter: 3.8 +/- 0.1 mmColo..
Brand: Daxis Model: ED0345
Daxis RG6 Black Coaxial CableDaxis RG6 Black Coaxial Cable for outdoor or indoor use with ROHS certification.Ref: ED0345Construction parametersInner Conductor diameter (mm):1,02 ± 0,05 - Aço cobreado - 21%Dielectric diameter (mm):4,55 ± 0,05 PEFoil: 100% AlBraid Wires:16x4x0,12 mm AlCoverage (%..
Brand: Daxis Model: ED0303
White coaxial cable type RG6Ref: ED0303Construction parametersInner Conductor diameter (mm): 1,02 ± 0,05 - Cu 100% Dielectric diameter (mm): 4,55 ± 0,1 PEFoil: 100% AlBraid Wires: 16x6x0,12 mm AlCoverage (%): 70External coverage diameter (mm): 6,9 ± 0,1 PVCImpedance: 75 +/- 3 Ohms Velocity..
Brand: Daxis Model: ED0340
Daxis White Coaxial RG5 TwinRef: ED0340Construction parametersInner Conductor Diameter (mm): 0,8 ± 0,02 - Cu - 100%Dielectric Diameter (mm): 3,5 ± 0,1 - PEFoil: 100% AlBraid Wires: 16x6x0,12 mm AlCoverage (%): 77External coverage Diameter (mm): 5,0 ± 0,1 PVCImpedance: 75 +/- 3 Ohms Velocity Rat..
Shop+ RG59 Plus Coaxial Cable
-35 %
Brand: Shop+ Model: Shop+ RG59
Shop+ RG59 Coaxial Cable with 5mm for interior satellite, cable or tdt instalations.Technical specifications:Outside Covering: PVC - 5,00mmColour: WhiteMesh of Shielding: Aluminium 80x0,12mmTape for Shielding: AluminiumDielectric: FPE 3,50mmInner Conductor: CCS - 0,80mmPackage: Spool 100mtsAttenuati..
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