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Category with the combo receivers available to order.

Amiko HD8265+ H.265 HEVC Amiko HD8265+ H.265 HEVC
2-5 Days
Brand: Amiko Model: HD8265+
Full HD digital HEVC satellite, T2 terrestrial and cable receiver with over-the top content and with one card reader and one common interface slot.Main featuresOne Conax Embedded card readerOne Common Interface slotHEVC decoding support6000 channels (TV and Radio) programmableTwo High Speed USB 2.0 ..
Brand: Amiko Model: Amiko Mini 4K UHD Combo
Amiko Mini 4K UHD Combo it's a satellite, cable and terrestrial receiver with Conax embedded card reader.Main features2 High Speed USB 2.0 Connection SupportExternal infra portEthernet connectionTimeShifting SupportSoftware Upgrade via USBDigital Audio Bit-Stream via HD OUTMKV, AVI, MPG, MP4, TS, VO..
Brand: Apebox Model: Apebox C2
Apebox C2 is the new competitive DVB-S2+ DVB-T2/C combo receiver with Card Reader, and  a super powerful  H.265 HEVC processor to get the best image quality , fast zapping, fast menú and the best Satellite functions. It also have Ethernet 100Mbps LAN for IPTV, Internet applications and str..
Brand: Apebox Model: AP C2 4K
The Apebox C2 4K is the new UHD 4K combo receiver (DVB-S2 + DVB-T2 / C) very competitive, has a card reader, a powerful H.265 HEVC processor to obtain the best image quality, zapping and quick menu and the best satellite functions. It also has 100 Mbps Ethernet for internet access, apps and streamin..
Dreambox DM525 Combo Dreambox DM525 Combo
Top Brand Pre-Order
Brand: Dreambox Model: DM525 Combo
Dreambox DM525 Combo - Full HD Combo receiver with broadcom chipset H.265 streaming and CI! The main features are the satellite and cable/tdt tuners, broadcom chipset of the latest generation (BCM 73625) that ensures fast switching and navigation, H.265 streaming and common interface slot.Main ..
Dreambox DM900 RC20 Triple S2X MS Dreambox DM900 RC20 Triple S2X MS
Top Brand
Brand: Dreambox Model: DM900 RC20 Triple S2X MS
The new Dreambox DM900 RC20 UHD 4K is a new Ultra HD receiver from Dream Property. The DM900 RC20 UHD is characterized in particular by its ultra-fast processor with 12000 DMips, 8GB Flash and 2GB RAM (main memory). It has a slot for plug & play tuner so that the customer can use the Dreambox fo..
Dreambox DM920 4K UHD Triple Multistream Dreambox DM920 4K UHD Triple Multistream
Top Brand
Brand: Dreambox Model: DM920 Triple MS
Version with one triple multistream dual dvb-s2x and dvb-c/t2 tuner.Multistream, FBC, FPGA for parallel CI usage, 8 GB FlashThe new DM920 ultraHD is simply packed with superlative features: variable tuner configuration with FBC and Multistream based on an innovative Broadcom chipset, two C..
Dreambox One UltraHD Combo Dreambox One UltraHD Combo
Top Brand
Brand: Dreambox Model: DM One Combo
The Dreambox One UltraHD Combo is a 4K UHD satellite and cable receiver with two tuners, one DVB-S2X and one DVB-C/T2, Linux and Android OS, dual band Wifi and support for h.265 HEVC.Dream Multimedia has returned to its strengths and built one of the most powerful boxes on the market. Outstandi..
Brand: Edision Model: 01-07-0017
Piccollino S2+T2/C is the new compact EDISION H.265/HEVC COMBO receiver with Card Reader, two tuners, one satellite for DVB-S & S2 and one HYBRID for DVB-T/T2 and DVB-C. It features new processor for fast menu and channel selection, while it can store up to 6000 channels. The LAN port at 100Mbps..