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Aluminium Satellite Dish 65cm Coast Aluminium Satellite Dish 65cm Coast
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Brand: Daxis Model: AP0206
Aluminium Satellite Dish with a diameter of 65cm.Ref: AP0206Technical specifications:Diameter (mm): 600 x 650 mmFocal Length: 384 (mm)F / D Ratio: 0.64Efficiency (%):> 70Reflector Material: AluminumReflector Thickness: 0.8mmOffset Angle (º): 22.6..
Brand: Daxis Model: AP0407
Satellite aluminium dish with 65cm, model Coast - Daxis.Ref: AP0407Main features:2 clipsAll stainless steel screwsReflector and aluminum tubeEasy installation of pipe with the aid of ear nutsGalvanized sheet metal structure with paintLifting part with extra reinforcementTechnical characteristics:Dia..
Adjustable Compression Plier
2-5 Days
Brand: Daxis Model: TO3001
Adjustable Compression Plier for F Compression Connector RG6, RG59 and RG11...
Brand: Daxis Model: SU0710
Bushing screw and washer M6 to fix, for example, a wall bracket...
Brand: Daxis Model: SU0711
Bushing screw and washer M8 to fix, for example, a wall bracket...
Brand: Daxis Model: ED0017
FeaturesType of connector: FFinish: ZincLength: 25mm..
Brand: Daxis Model: ED0018
F female-female adapterAdapter for the interconnection of two male F connectors, used usually to extend the length between two coaxial cables. FeaturesType of connector: FFinish: Zinc | 11mm..
Brand: Daxis Model: ED0361
Daxis micro coaxial shielding cable with a diameter of 3,8mm.Technical specifications:Inner conductor: CopperDiameter: 0.51 mm +/- 0.01 mmIsolation: PEDiameter Dielectric: 2.20 mmcover sheet: AluminumMesh: Aluminum Wire 48Percentage of cover: 80%Coating: PVCExternal diameter: 3.8 +/- 0.1 mmColo..
Brand: Daxis Model: SU0201
Daxis painted wall/mast bracket, tube with 32mm diameter.Usually used for satellite antennas with 60cm or 65cm...
Brand: Daxis Model: SU0220
Daxis Painted Wall/Mast Bracket, with 40mm diameter tube.Usually used for satellite antennas with 80cm or larger...
Daxis PLL Standard VHF / UHF Modulator Daxis PLL Standard VHF / UHF Modulator
Brand: Daxis Model: ED0908
PLL Standard VHF / UHF Modulator - Device for RF modulation and distribution of Audio Video signals coming from different sources (digital satellite receivers,DVR, etc).Technical Specifications:RFInput: CH 02-69 (45-862 MHz)Input Connector: IEC Female, 75 OhmOutput (combined): CH 02-69 (45-862 ..
Brand: Daxis Model: ED0345
Daxis RG6 Black Coaxial CableRef: ED0345Construction parametersInner Conductor diameter (mm): 1,02 ± 0,05 - Aço cobreado - 21%Dielectric diameter (mm): 4,55 ± 0,05 PEFoil: 100% AlBraid Wires: 16x4x0,12 mm AlCoverage (%): 60External coverage diameter (mm): 6,8 ± 0,1 PVC/..
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