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Diablo Cam 2 WiFi

Diablo Cam 2 WiFi
Diablo Cam 2 WiFi

Diablo Cam 2 WiFi

• ARM7TDMI @ 50Mhz.
• FPGA @ 100Mhz processing speed.
• RAM: 16KB Internal and External 1024KB.
• ROM: 256KB Internal Flash and 2MB Data Flash.
• J-tag connection.1 Smart Card Reader plug-in.
• 2 Unique Serial Numbers internally lasered inside.
• Wi-Fi 802.11g connection at 54Mbit / sec.
• 2 x ISO Smart Card Reader
• PICO-OS Operating System.
• DataFlash internal Filesystem FAT 12th
• Fully programmable by PCMCIA secure protocol.
• WEP / WPA / WPA2 wireless security encryption.
Diablo Cam Wireless Zigbee
The Diablo Cam Wireless Zigbee is the latest and most powerful CAM on the market. Built-in SIM card reader with wireless function.

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