DUR-line UK 124

DUR-line UK 124

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DUR-line UK 124DUR-line UK 124 - Unicable I + II LNB up to 24 devicesWith this new Unicable I + II LNB, up to 24 devices can be connected by just one coaxial cable. Standard JESS EN50607.Up ...

DUR-line UK 124

DUR-line UK 124 - Unicable I + II LNB up to 24 devices

With this new Unicable I + II LNB, up to 24 devices can be connected by just one coaxial cable. Standard JESS EN50607.

Up to 24 devices can be connected to this Unicable I + II LNBvia a single cable,all at a fraction of the cost.

Multi-family houses with several outlets can also be realized cost-effectively via DUR-line® 2-, 3-, 4-, 6- and 8-way distributors. From now on you will not need expensive multicasters or cascades anymore.

With this DUR-line® UK 124 single-cable LNB, all receivers, TV sets and twin receivers (watch one program and record another) can be operated or used at the same time, which are Unicable-compatible.

The DUR-line® UK 124 is a single-cable LNB of the latest generation! The changeover takes place through the new protocol EN50607 (also called Unicable II or JESS).

Up to 8 of the 24 devices can also be connected by using the widely-used older Unicable Standard (EN50494). 

The DUR-line® UK 124 single-cable LNB enables cost-effective installation for residential units with up to 24 satellite receivers via a single cable


Input frequency:

  • Low Band: 10.70 - 11.70 GHz
  • High Band: 11.70 - 12.75 GHz

LO frequency:

  • Wideband: 10.4 GHz

LO Stability:

  • ± 1.0 MHz (max.) @ 25 ° C
  • ± 2.2 MHz (max.) @ -40 ° C ~ + 60 ° C


  • 65 dB (max)

Cross POL. isolation:

  • 20 dB (min.)

Image Rejection:

  • 40 dB (min.)

LO Frequency Phase Noise:

  • -60 dBc / Hz @ 1 KHz (max)
  • -75 dBc / Hz @ 10 KHz (max)
  •  -95 dBc / Hz @ 100 KHz (max)

Operating voltage:

  • 11.5 - 19V

Power Consumption (DC):

  • 300 mA (max)

Operating temperature:

  • -30 ° C ~ + 60 ° C


Output frequencies:

CH1: 1210MHz (EN50494 + EN50607)

CH2: 1420MHz (EN50494 + EN50607)

CH3: 1680MHz (EN50494 + EN50607)

CH4: 2040MHz (EN50494 + EN50607)

CH5: 1005MHz (EN50494 + EN50607)

CH6: 1050MHz (EN50494 + EN50607)

CH7: 1095MHz (EN50494 + EN50607)

CH8: 1140MHz (EN50494 + EN50607)

CH9: 1260MHz (EN50607)

CH10: 1305MHz (EN50607)

CH11: 1350MHz (EN50607)

CH12: 1475MHz (EN50607)

CH13: 1520MHz (EN50607)

CH14: 1565MHz (EN50607)

CH17: 1770MHz (EN50607)

CH18: 1815MHz (EN50607) 2085MHz (EN50607)

CH22: 1995MHz (EN50607)

CH23: 1610MHz (EN50607)

CH22: 1995MHz (EN50607)

CH23: 1610MHz (EN50607)

CH21: 1995MHz (EN50607)

CH23: 1610MHz (EN50607)

CH24: 2130MHz (EN50607)

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