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Fritzbox Powerline 510E

Fritzbox Powerline 510E
Top Brand Descontinued
Fritzbox Powerline 510E

Fritzbox Powerline 510E

With the FRITZ!Powerline 510E adapter, it’s incredibly easy to extend your home network via your home’s power supply. It enables all network-enabled devices to be reliably incorporated into your home network and delivers fast, stable throughput for whatever you want to do – whether that’s Internet telephony, surfing, gaming, music, or videos.

• Simple connectivity from any power outlet
• No need for additional cables
• High-speed throughput with up to 500 Mbit/s on the powerline communication network
• Practical starter set with two devices

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  • Stock: Descontinued
  • Model: 510E
  • Weight: 1.00kg