Inverto Pro Octo LNB

Inverto Pro Octo LNB

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Inverto Pro Octo LNBInverto Pro Octo LNB - With the Inverto IDLB-OCTL40-OOOOO-OPP connect eight Set-Top-Boxes!Specifically designed for the European DTH markets, this LNB provides optimized ...

Inverto Pro Octo LNB

Inverto Pro Octo LNB - With the Inverto IDLB-OCTL40-OOOOO-OPP connect eight Set-Top-Boxes!

Specifically designed for the European DTH markets, this LNB provides optimized reception capabilities. This LNB allows for the connection of maximum eight Set Top Boxes with Single Tuner (or to four 4 STBs with Twin Tuner) - without the need of an external Multi-Switch. It is ready for High Definition transmissions and provides excellent Noise Figure performance. Designed to meet strict specifications and manufactured to the highest industry quality standards, this LNB is an ideal solution for the satellite broadcast reception across Europe.


Main Features:

Low Phase Noise, DVB-S2 (HDTV) compliant

Low Noise Figure (0.2 dB)

Low Power Consumption

Very high Cross Polarization Isolation

Very high Frequency Stability

Technical Features:

Low Band Input Frequency Range: 10.7 ~ 11.7GHz

Low Band Output Frequency Range: 950 ~ 1950MHz

Low Band LO Frequency: 9.75GHz

High Band Input Frequency Range: 11.7 ~ 12.75GHz

High Band Output Frequency Range: 1100 ~ 2150MHz

High Band LO Frequency: 10.6GHz

Noise Figure: 0.2dB Typ. (0.7dB Max.)

LO Initial Accuracy: +/- 1.0MHz Max.

LO Temperature Drift: +/- 3.0MHz Max.

Phase Noise (@ 10 kHz):  -90dBc/Hz Max.

Conversion Gain: 55dB Min.

Gain Ripple (Over 26 MHz Bandwidth):  +/- 0.75dB

Gain Variation (Over Full Band):  +/- 4dB Max.

Image Rejection: 40dB Min.

1 dB Compression Point (@ Output): 0.0dBm Min.

Cross Polarization Isolation: 22dB Min.

Control Signal Ca (Vertical Polarization): 10.0 ~ 14.0V

Control Signal Cb (Horizontal polarization): 16.0 ~ 20.0V

Control Signal Cc (Band Switching):  22 +/- 4kHz

Output VSWR:  2.5:1 

In-Band Spurious: -60dBm Max.

Current Consumption: 210mA Max. @ 11 ~ 20V

Operating Temperature: -30 °C ~ + 60°C

Output Impedance: 75Ω

Output Connector: F-Type (Female)

Weight: 256g

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