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Satellite Cable Terrestrial Mixers

Category with satellite/terrestrial mixers available to order.
Model: 67054 Misturador
Normally used for indoor installations, for outdoor must be installed with an extra casing (not included).Technical features:Satellite input: 950 - 2400 MHzTerrestrial input: 0,15 - 860 MHzDimensions L-W-H: 58.6 x 51.5 x 15.3 mmWhat's a sat-uhf-vhf combiner?A Sat/UHF/VHF combiner is a specializ..
Brand: Inverto Model: IDLU-UCM1O1-OOO2O-OPP
This Unicable™ combiner supports the combination of two RF signals. It enables control signals and DiSEqC commands sent from the Set Top Box to the LNB as well as DiSEqC commands sent from the LNBs to the Set Top Box. This high-quality Unicable™ combiner features low insertion loss, high RF isolatio..
Brand: Johansson Model: JO9501
Johansson Combiner it's a Sat/Cable/Terrestrial combiner. Mix satellite signal with cable or terrestrial signals.9501 SAT / TV combinerTV-SAT combiner/diplexer for indoor use: VHF-UHF / Satellite DCDC power pass to LNB High isolation to suppress interfering signals in the VHF-UHF band when high..
Brand: Johansson Model: 9506
Johansson Sat/TV Combiner High IsolationVHF-UHF / Satellite DC, high isolation. Recommended for universal LNB.High isolation to suppress interfering signals in the VHF-UHF band when high band of the universal LNB is selected. High selectivity of filters.Main features:Band / Insertion loss (DC power ..
Brand: Inverto Model: IDLU-PINS03-OOOOO-OBT
Unicable II Power Inserter, 5-2400MHzThis power inserter is designed to power a Unicable II™ LNB or a Unicable II™ multiswitch unit and the connected Quattro-/ Wideband-LNB in cases where the connected STB is not able to provide the required power for the LNB/multiswitch. It provides a constant DC v..
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