Technisat DigiDish 45

Technisat DigiDish 45

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Technisat DigiDish 45High-performance aluminium offset dish antenna (45 cm)The Technisat DigiDish 45 consists of high-quality aluminium and is powder-coated on both sides. The carefully calc...

Technisat DigiDish 45

High-performance aluminium offset dish antenna (45 cm)

The Technisat DigiDish 45 consists of high-quality aluminium and is powder-coated on both sides. The carefully calculated parabolic shape ensures that the reception performance of the DigiDish 45, which has a diameter of only 45 cm, is better than that of many 60 cm dishes - in spite of the much smaller size. 

Simple installation

The DigiDish 45 is - just like the DigiDish 33 - ideal for mounting on balconies. The pre-assembled mounting bracket ensures installation of the dish is quick and easy.

General characteristics

Top features

Only 45 cm 


1 or 2 participants 

1 orbital position (for example Hispasat 30.0 ° W) 

Especially suitable for balcony installation / Ideal for the city 

Ideal for ground and wall mounting 

Material thickness  - 1 mm 

Coating Powder-coated on both sites

Wall bracket Included

Input frequency range

Lower frequency range - 10.7 - 11.7 GHz 

Upper frequency range11.7 - 12.75 GHz


LNB modulation - 22 kHz


Lower frequency range - 9.75 GHz ± 3MHz 

Upper frequency range - 10.6 GHz ± 3MHz

Noise factor

Lower frequency range - 0.7 dB max. 

Upper frequency range - 0.7 dB max.

Output frequency range

Lower frequency range - 950 - 1950 MHz 

Upper frequency range - 1100 - 2150 MHz

Power supply

Vertical power supply - 11,5 - 14 V 

Horizontal power supply - 16 - 19 V

LNB voltage supply - 11.5 ... 19 V 

Power consumption - max. 190 mA

Technical data

Rated measurement 0.45 m 

F/D - 0.6 

Gain - 32.2 dBi @11,3 GHz 

Offset angle - 30 °

Feed reception - 40 mm

LNB not included

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