• Visionnet USB DVB-T Tuner
Expanda o seu VisionNet Marvel ou qualquer receptor E2 com mais um tuner USB DVB-T
• Realtek RTL2832U + R820T
• Linux, Window XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 compatible
• Digital terrestrial TV and radio reception (DVB-T) +DAB
• Digital TV SD and HDTV support
• Support FM Radio+DAB+SDR
• Support H.264 or MPEG2 video, or mixed MPEG1 or AC-3 audio
• Support Time-Shifting, Schedule record function
• EPG, Teletext, Subtitle, and Closed Captioning function

Visionnet USB DVB-T Tuner

  • Marca: VisionNet
  • Modelo: Tuner USB DVB-T Visionnet
  • Disponibilidade: Existente
  • 25,00€

  • Sem IVA: 20,33€