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Brand: Uclan Model: Ustym 4K PRO Combo
Uclan  proudly presents their first 4K UHD Receiver equipped with 2 tuners, the satellite tuner it's equipped with the new standard DVB-S2x the other tuner is capable to receive DVB-C and DVB-T2 HD emissions. In addition, the Uclan Ustym 4K PRO Combo have a USB 3.0 port, Gigabit ..
uClan Ustym 4K Pro Twin S2X uClan Ustym 4K Pro Twin S2X
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Brand: Uclan Model: Ustym 4K Pro Twin S2X
The heart of uClan Ustym 4K PRO TWIN S2X is Hisilicon Hi3798MV200 modern and powerful processor ARM Cortex A53, Quad-core 64 bit (4 x 1.6 GHz), 15.000 DMIPSMain featuresEnigma2 operating system, with support from the best Enigma2 image development teamsSupport for Multistream, T2-Mi, Dolby Digi..
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Uclan Anet Smart TV Box Uclan Anet Smart TV Box
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Brand: Uclan Model: Anet Smart TV Box
This box have built-in Widevine DRM Level L1, DRM, HDCP2.2 certifications let you enjoy Disney+, Prime Video, HBO Max and other official streaming platforms.This IPTV box comes with an Anet RCU universal Bluetooth remote control with a built-in air mouse (6-axis gyroscope), voice..
Brand: Uclan Model: D-Box 4K CI+
This new Uclan combo receiver is equipped with a Common Interface slot for a CAM module version CI Plus v1.3, CA card reader, as well as other most common interfaces, providing a high degree of compatibility with operator conditional access systems.It also have two USB 2.0 ports, HDMI 2.0a port, SPD..
Brand: Uclan Model: Denys 2 DVB-S2X MS H.265
The new Uclan receiver from the Denys series, the Denys 2 has arrived with a new design and the same support, automatic channel search MULTISTREAM / T2MI, portals, IPTV and VOD.The Uclan Denys 2 was created based on the popular Denys H.265 line, using the updated fast dual-core ARM A7 GX6613 process..
uClan Denys H.265 IPTV+ uClan Denys H.265 IPTV+
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Brand: Uclan Model: Denys H.265 IPTV+
Renewed IPTV STB builded on the bestseller Denys H.265The secret to the success of this model is the implementation of new ideas, the software experience of the U2C S + model range, which has been developed for several years since 2013, as well as the use of the “operator” processor GX6611 / 6622 (a..
Brand: Uclan Model: Denys H.265 Pro Combo EU+
All the best from satellite bestseller model Denys H.265 + terrestrial tuner and Dolby Digital+ (Model for the European market)T2MI and Multistream support without input parameters & hardware blindscan!Denys H.265 PRO COMBO EU model have 2 inputs / tuners: DVBS/S2/S2X + DVBT/T2/C, also contains ..
Brand: Uclan Model: uClan RCU v3.0
Compatible with:Ustym 4K Pro Combo ( compatible with Enigma2 OS and Denys_OS )Ustym 4K Pro Twin S2X  ( compatible with Enigma2 OS and Denys_OS )..
Brand: Uclan Model: RCU uClan Premium V2.0
Compatible with the next uClan receivers:Denys 2Denys 2.2Denys H.265Denys H.265 PremiumDenys H.265 T2Denys H.265 EUDenys H.265 ProDenys H.265 PRO+Denys H.265 Pro ComboDenys H.265 Pro Combo EUDenys H.265 IPTVDenys H.265 IPTV+B6B6 CAB6 MetalB6 Metal v2B6 Metal CAUstym 4K OTT PremiumUstym 4K S2 OTTUsty..
Brand: Uclan Model: Ustym 4K OTT Premium
The new uClan Ustym 4K OTT Premium it's an IPTV Box that has received the well-known linux based Denys_OS software but also Enigma2 OS. The set-top box is equipped with a new, bright remote control uClan Premium v4.0. This model is designed to work on the Internet and local networks, and suppor..
Brand: Uclan Model: Ustym 4K S2 OTT X
This Uclan satellite and IPTV box with Denys_OS but also linux Enigma2, due to its simplicity and numerous convenient functions, is appreciated by many users of DVB, IPTV, (4K and HD) set-top boxes.It supports UHD 4K H.265 in DVB and IPTV, Multistream and T2MI in DVB, many OTT/IPTV applications, sup..
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