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Vu+ UltimoAdvanced Pluggable Tuner SystemVu+ advanceAdvanced Pluggable Tuner SystemVu+ advanced pluggable tuner system has been proved through UNO launched in June 2011.Customers of Vu+ are ...

Vu+ Ultimo

Advanced Pluggable Tuner System

Vu+ advance

Advanced Pluggable Tuner System

Vu+ advanced pluggable tuner system has been proved through UNO launched in June 2011.
Customers of Vu+ are now big fan of Vu+ pluggable tuner system for its performance and easiness of operation.
Now with DVB-C/T and DVB-S2 tuners simultaneously mountable at Ultimo, any DVB signals are easily accessible anywhere in the world.
Furthermore, Vu+ Blind Scan is designed to save troubles of complicated installation set-up procedures.
Vu+'s Triple Pluggable System is the very example demonstrating the philosophy of Vu+ pursuing the easiness of usability with state of art technologies.


Ultimo's design represents its very concept of tripe pluggable tuner system.
Its simplicity in style is beautifully amplified with the front touch keys and the large graphic display.
While the touch keys allow the simplicity of Ultimo design, the advanced graphic display vividly and elegantly shows essential information on the current status of Ultimo.

VFD Display

Example Ultimo adopts a large graphic VFD display with 256x64 pixels.
The viewing area is 115x28.7mm and it is unarguably the largest display adopted in set top box.
Ultimo's large graphic VFD produces visually crisp information display.


Ultimo RCU, named as ECO, is the latest development of Vu+.
Its key layout has been reconfigured by Vu+ to fit the current system of Vu+ models so that Vu+ customers find it just as easy to use.
ECO is a universal RCU via which users can control Ultimo and TV. What's more, the double sided design of ECO allows the seamless integration of QWERTY type keyboard. The compact and ergonomic design makes typing on TV easier than ever.
Ultimo and ECO are an ideal match for texting and browsing.

Wi-Fi 802.11 USB dongle

Ultimo comes with a very compact Wi-Fi USB dongle supporting up to 300mbps high transfer data rate.
With this Wi-Fi dongle you can easily connect to wireless network and enhance multimedia applications of Ultimo.
Vu+ Wi-Fi USB dongle boasts the following feature.

Major Features

• Large Graphic Type VFD Display
• Triple Pluggable Tuner System
• Advanced Blind Scan
• Home Network with other Vu+ models
• Vu+ App for iPad & iPhone
• Qwerty/Universal RCU
• Multimedia Player
• Multiple Recording - up to 8 REC simultaneasly
• Temperature Sensor Based Automatic FAN Speed Control.

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